Fall back…

Though the clocks fall back today, and for me it signifies the dark tunnel I must travel through to return to more favorable weather, the Gardens are glowing.
After days of wind and rain, I decided I couldn’t put off going into the Gardens any longer. It was a bit cumbersome holding an umbrella and trying to set the controls on my camera at the same time… but the rewards!
We are so lucky to be able to enjoy the splendor of fall in the heart of our city.

It's raining it's pouring at the Halifax Public GardensI posted this photo on our Facebook page and judging from the comments (and there were many), people love to walk in the rain, LOVE the Public Gardens and love fall. This photo captured all three.

Fall colors at the Halifax Public GardensAnother advantage of taking photos in inclement weather, is that the colors shine even brighter. This Acer saccharum (Sugar maple tree) positively glowed!

Multi colored 'snowfall' by Horticultural Hall at the Halifax Public GardensHorticultural Hall decorated for fall.

Decorating the Gardener's shed at the Halifax Public GardensA private affair.The gardeners made an arrangement outside their shed using Brassica oleracea (Ornamental Cabbage) and Asclepias physocarpus (which also has the naughty common name of Hairy balls). They did so for their own pleasure, which says a lot about their love (and talent) of all things horticultural.

Fall in the rain at the Halifax Public GardensNo words are adequate or necessary to accompany this picture.

Gathering of the clans at the Halifax Public GardensGathering of the clans.

Urns on the upper bridge decorated for fall at the Halifax Public GardensThe urns have been emptied of their summer annuals and replaced with Brassica oleracea (Ornamental Cabbage) which unlike me, will only get better in the cold.

Reflections by a great dame at the Halifax Public GardensThe rain stopped long enough to reward me with beautiful reflections on Griffin’s pond.

Fagus sylvatica 'Purpurea Pendula' at the Halifax Public GardensSome evergreen plants turn purple as a reaction to the cold (kind of like us). This purple-leaved Fagus sylvatica ‘Purpurea Pendula’ (Weeping Purple beech tree) does the opposite. It went from purple to green, then orange.

Roses and hips at the Halifax Public GardensClimbing roses and their vitamin C rich rose hips, by the Victoria Jubilee fountain.

Flora joins the crowd at the Halifax Public GardensFlora appears to be joining this colorful group on their walk through the Gardens.

Donation box at the Halifax Public GardensPutting our money where our mouth is.
This new installation outside Horticultural Hall is long overdue. While the best things in life are free, we seldom value that which we don’t in some way pay for.
I know, we do pay for it thorough our tax dollars, but when money is tight the first things to get cut are non-essential items.
I have visited many gardens far and wide that I happily show my appreciation for with a donation into their donation box. Every little bit helps.

The Gardens will be closing for the season on November 30. Sigh!


2 thoughts on “Fall back…

  1. We were in the Gardens Sunday afternoon and marveled at how splendid they are in every season. We also called our daughter-in-law in Ottawa to wish her “Happy Birthday” describing as we spoke the wonders of what we saw.
    Today we have been able to send her a Birthday Tour of her special day as we here in Halifax were able to celebrate the Gardens on another of its special days.
    Thank You for sharing,
    Peter & Elizabeth
    Bedford, N.S.

    • The Gardens are gorgeous at any time. It’s wonderful to know how much people value it. Thank you commenting and I hope your daughter-in-law enjoys her birthday and her tour.

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