Taking a mental health day.

This week I’m taking a mental health day. I hope you don’t mind.
I do this not for my sake, but for the sake of youth living with mental illness.

Last night was the culmination of months of preparation for a charity ball in support of Laing House , an organization which provides a supportive haven for youth living with mental illness. Unfortunately this prevented me from taking my weekly walk through the Gardens with my trusted camera (something I dearly missed).

I think Richard Power, the first and longest-serving superintendent of the Public Gardens would have approved. Both he and his wife suffered through mental breakdowns and were confined to a “lunatic asylum”. Fortunately, they both returned to peace of mind.

Co-chairs of the Balloon Pop Committee for the Laing House Ball

My Co-chair and I (on the right) in front of the fruits of our labour.

Next week I’ll be back with photos of a hopefully unscathed Public Gardens. Hurricane Sandy is still in flux. Good luck to the 66 000 000 residents along the Eastern seaboard who are directly in its path.


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