Things are popping out all over the place.

You can almost see the leaves expanding on the trees right now. With the daytime temperatures staying consistently above 10 degrees celsius of late, plant growth is in full throttle. Cellular growth in plants slowly begin around 4 degrees celsius, but at 10 degrees they pick up steam. For every 10 degree increase the rate of growth doubles. When temperatures reach 32 degrees celsius (a rarity in Halifax) metabolism slows down again.
Make your way down to the Gardens and stop and smell the Pieris (they will soon be gone), and watch the trees leaf out.

Spring Bouquet at the Halifax Public Gardens

Pulsatilla vulgaris  (Pasque flower), Primulas (Primrose) and Scilla siberica (Siberian squill) turn this perennial border beside the Bandstand into an alpine woodland meadow.

Magnolia acuminata 'Elizabeth' at the Halifax Public Gardens

The buds of this Magnolia acuminata ‘Elizabeth’ are swelling in preparation to display their yellow flowers. The white Magnolia stellata are beginning to drop their leaves, but if you hurry down to the Gardens you’ll still be able to catch the pink Magnolias in their glory.

Flora at the Halifax Public GardensSome of the changes at the Gardens aren’t pleasant. Flora returned from her winter home a widow. Finegan, her mate, became ill and passed away this winter. Drop by to say hello and keep her company.

Diana missing at the Halifax Public GardensAnother absence this spring is the statue of Diana. After a 125 year residence at the Gardens she was toppled and badly damaged by vandals. I’m sure they don’t read my posts but if they do… Why?

Azaleas below the upper bridge at the Halifax Public GardensA penny for your thoughts! There is nothing like water to make one ponder (and  apparently to make one throw away their money away). Now that the penny will no longer be produced, it’s best to hold onto them. They will soon be a collector’s item.

View from the main gates at the Halifax Public GardensI keep being asked if the Gardens are open, or is there is anything to see. A definitive Yes! to both.

Pieris japonica (Japanese andromeda) by the lower bridge at the Halifax Public GardensThe Pieris japonica (Japanese andromeda) are on the wane. Next on their agenda are beautiful red/copper emerging leaves which make them look like they are in bloom again. Forecast for the weekend is sun, so you might get a last chance for a whiff.

Bandstand at the Halifax Public GardensThe newly restored Bandstand (2011). The Band concerts begin on June 17. Check our new (launch date May 7) website for dates and times.

The main gates at the Halifax Public GardensThis is one of the greatest treasures in our lovely Maritime city. We tend to take it for granted (I lived here for almost 15 years before I ever visited the Gardens) as we walk by it in a great hurry to complete our next task. Ten minutes in the Gardens will lower your blood pressure, fill your lungs with oxygen rich air, make you feel less lonely.
The best things in life are free (and right next door).


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