Welcome Back Springtime, and the Public Gardens! Every gardeners dream.

Yes Diane, things are blooming at the Halifax Public Gardens! A post on the PG Facebook wall asked if there were any blooms in the Gardens to photograph. It was time to re-start our weekly photo tours so I headed down on Thursday and what a pleasant surprise! The Pieris japonica (Japanese andromeda) along the stream between the upper and lower bridges, were magnificent as promised. The bandstand was surrounded by hundreds (thousands?) of daffodils and the rifleman on the Soldiers fountain appeared to sit amidst a cloud of white butterflies.

Pieris japonica (Japanese andromeda), Magnolias, Azaleas, and the UpperBridge at the Halifax Public Gardens.If you enter the Gardens through the main gates you will be met by a beautiful spring display. To the right, by the Power memorial birdbaths, the tulips are just beginning to open. Further down the path on the left, is the spectacular spring display of Pieris japonica (Japanese andromeda) I promised last fall.

Magnolia tree at the Halifax Public Gardens.

A new Magnolia hybrid? At closer inspection, someone had decided to ‘decorate’ this Magnolia with a Primula flower which ( I hope) was unintentionally decapitated.

Tropical Display Bed at the Halifax Public Gardens.

My favorite subject… color with foliage. Flowers aren’t the only parts of the plants that provide color and interest. The leaves of evergreen plants and trees can also display glorious colors, especially in cold weather when the plant cells take protective measure against the winter and in doing so change color.

Daffodils in the geometric beds at the Halifax Public Gardens.The geometric beds surrounding the bandstand are filled with sunny Daffodils. The beds are being given a rest from their usual tulip plantings after a problem with Tulip virus. If you find that your Tulips are emerging disfigured every year, dig them out , discard them (not in your compost) and don’t plant any new Tulips in the same bed for a few years.

Uncommon Grounds Café at the Halifax Public Gardens.

Open for business! The lovely Uncommon Grounds Café in Horticultural Hall is open from 8AM to 4PM.  Gourmet sandwiches, ice cream and an exotic list of coffees are available to be enjoyed inside their sunny, airy café, or sitting outside on the wrap around deck surrounded by the Public Gardens. (It must be lunch time as I started the list with food and not coffee).

Titanic Model at the Public Gardens.

Just in time to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. The Maritime ship Modellers Guild worked hard to restore and repaint the Titanic model in Griffin’s Pond in time for the early opening of the Gardens and the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

Magnolias and the Boer War Memorial Fountain at the Halifax Public Gardens.

This corner of the Gardens is filled with Magnolia stellata, the earliest flowering Magnolias in our region.

Ulmus Camperdownii ( Camperdown Elm) at the Halifax Public Gardens.

This is the perfect time of year to observe the structure and form of trees. This Ulmus glabra ‘Camperdownii’ (Camperdown Elm) displays it’s graft scar like a necklace. Ulmus glabra ‘Camperdownii’ where in vogue in the Victoria era, especially in ‘Gardenesque’ styled gardens ( like the Halifax Public Gardens).

Pieris by the lower bridge at the Halifax Public Gardens.

I couldn’t resist a last shot of those Pieris japonica (Japanese andromeda).

This is such an energizing time of year. There is so much promise and things grow and change so rapidly. It’s a new beginning, but with the same old familiar elements. Not an easy thing to achieve. Imagine being able to re-shape ourselves every spring, but still essentially be us.

Speaking of re-shaping ourselves… The Friends of the Public Gardens will be launching our new website in a couple of weeks. This is the most visited site for people searching for the Halifax Public Gardens. Check out our new site in the beginning of May and leave us a comment , we love to hear from you!


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  1. Serena,

    all the highlights are included. We get a lot of questions on the Pieris. Great that you can explain the frequently asked questions.


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