It’s all about the experience.

What do the Halifax Public Gardens mean to you?
I often get comments on our Facebook page about how much the individuals love the Gardens and why. Many are ex-residents who now live far away and love the photo’s I post because it brings back their past: eating ice cream as a child, being proposed to, spending time with their parents  or escaping into the serenity of the place to find some peace in a turbulent time of their lives.
Share your memories with us. You can do so by commenting here or on our Facebook page.

Azaleas by Griffins pond at the Halifax Public GardensThis will probably be my favorite picture this year. The reeds rising and being reflected in the water look like a waterfall, and the contrast between the soft green, the bold orange Azaleas and the dark  trunk of a stately tree are very powerful.

Rhododendron by Soldier's fountain at the Halifax Public GardensWater is a very reflective element, both literally and figuratively.

Kids at the Halifax Public GardensWhat a wonderful place to grow up. My bet is that the children who spend a lot of time in the Gardens will take their love of nature with them throughout their lives.

Rights of passage at the Halifax Public GardensHow many graduates have stood in this same spot, with their families and friends around them? Filled with hope and relief. It seems like only yesterday that my daughter stood in this very spot. Photographing these graduates took me back 5 years and for a moment, every cell in my body was young(er) again.

Wigela at the Halifax Public GardensEven a trip to the loo is a lovely journey.

Ceres at the Halifax Public GardensHey Bev! I found  a way to maintain the statues cheaply. It’s called ‘retouch’ and with a swipe of the mouse the pealing paint disappears. If only it were so easy!

Music at the Halifax Public GardensThis is how this gentleman spends his time in the Gardens. He wasn’t trying to make money, there was no bowl in sight. I think he was looking for the tinkling sound of the fountain to accompany his harp. It was lovely and as I often say… the best things in life are free… and serendipitous.

Celebrity Gardener 3Last week the  Gardens held a special event to celebrate  Canada’s first Garden Day. Four celebrity gardeners were invited to indulge their creativity by designing  planters using a combination of plants provided. They were given the same base plants and could pick plants from a ‘wildcard’ table to express their artistry. The very entertaining Neville MacKay played host.
The planters will  reside at Horticultural Hall Plaza for the season.
You get to vote for the winner. So pick your favorite and follow this link to cast your vote.

Celebrity gardener 3 Halifax Public GardensThe link also has photo’s of the planters just in case I didn’t get the “good’ side.

Celebrity gardener 2 Halifax Public Gardens

Celebrity gardener 1 Halifax Public Gardens

The beauty of the Gardens is always uplifting. Being surrounded by nature and knowing that we share a deep sense of appreciation with our fellow visitors, tears down boundaries and makes us part of a community.
A community which has continued for over 173 years.

Congratulations to all the graduates!

All copy and images copyright © Serena Graham-Dwyer,  2013. If you wish to use any part or whole of an image, in any manner, please contact us.


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    • Will do so tomorrow with pictures. I try to spread it out a little. Thanks for posting the this morning. Hope you’re not too sore from all that dancing 🙂

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