On a hot, hot day in July…

OK so the couple from Texas who were on my tour on Wednesday didn’t find it so hot, but the rest of us were either basking in the heat or wilting under it. I bask!!! What a glorious run of hot sunny weather we’ve had, and on a long weekend to boot. We must be doing something right!
The roses in the Gardens are in full bloom, perfuming the air and making splashes of red or pink throughout. The annual beds are filled out and floriferous and the crowds have been out in full force.
Since I took these pictures, it’s rained and rained… but the plants are loving it! Next week promises to be sunny and warm again. Dare I hope?

Carpet bed commemorating Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee

Even Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee carpet bed was feeling the heat… or maybe it was Glen the carpet bed artist and gardener, who has been working hard to complete his masterpiece.

Roses at the Halifax Public Gardens

Roses by the Boer War Memorial Fountain.

The cranes on the Soldiers fountain at the Halifax Public Gardens

The water is flowing again in the Boer War Memorial Fountain after being shut off for repairs.

Flora and Diana at the Halifax Public Gardens

Even Diana and Flora were feeling the heat, or they had a heated discussion and had decided to ignore each other.

Tropical Foliage Bed at the Halifax Public Gardens

The heat and humidity were making the plants in this tropical foliage bed quite happy.

Dory at the Halifax Public Gardens

Blown off course? A dory in the middle of the city.
Only a privileged few get to row in Griffins pond and it’s never for pleasure.

Upper Bridge at the Halifax Public Gardens

Chances are you’ve seen a variation of this photo many times. It’s hard to find fresh new perspectives every week, but even the repeats are worth admiring.

Hanging basket at the Halifax Public Gardens

Clad from above and below.

Stream border at the Halifax Public Gardens

A well designed border changes its character throughout the season. This border was re-designed after Hurricane Juan toppled some mature Ulmus (Elm trees) and allowed the sun to shine through. The stream bed was widened and it is now one of the most photographed areas of the Gardens.

Campanula medium (Canterbury bells) at the Halifax Public Gardens

A busy little bee feeds off this Campanula medium (Canterbury Bells) in the white perennial border by the Boer War Memorial fountain.

Exotics at the Halifax Public Gardens

Hot and cool! A native from South America, Bromeliads are from the same family as pineapples.

Cranesbill at the Halifax Public Gardens

Geranium sanguineum (Cranesbill) is not to be confused with the annual Geranium. These herbaceous perennials are winter hardy and contain many varieties, in various colors. Most only bloom once in early summer, but some bloom throughout the summer. In the fall their leaves turn a lovely red/pink color.

Blue Hosta at the Halifax Public Gardens

Cool down! The many shades of green. The secret of combining foliage plants are to pick different tones of green and different textures of leaves to create a pleasing contrast.

The sun has returned and it’s Sunday. A perfect day to spend time in the great outdoors and not in a mall.


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