Definitely worth the visit!

My fellow board member Judith and I, receive the ‘Contact Us’ emails that come through from the Friends of the Public Gardens website.
Judith offered to take over my part in this exercise to lighten my load (as if hers has any wiggle room). ‘Over my dead body’ I replied. Actually I didn’t… but I did decline as I (and she) really enjoy corresponding  with people  from all over the world asking questions related to the Public Gardens.
We have received all kinds of requests, some of the most interesting having to do with permission to stage special events in peoples lives, such as wedding proposals or special celebrations.
Judging from some of these requests I can only state that the pressure on grooms to  create a memorable experience for their intended, is exorbitant. Some of the proposed scenarios have been worthy of a Hollywood script.
My advise… (which I don’t share with them) is KISS (keep it simple stupid/silly). Better to build up to it than to try to live up to it.
Probably the most common question I get (aside from ‘Can I get married at the Gardens’) is ‘I’m coming to Halifax on a cruise in September. Is it worth coming to see the Public Gardens at that time?’ (September is Cruise season and tens of thousands of tourists come to enjoy the #1 attraction in Halifax).
So, to save Judith and I some time in the future…

Dear  Visitor,

Tour groups at the Halifax Public GardensFirst of all…you won’t be alone. 230000 passengers will be disembarking in the port of Halifax in September and October of this year.

Soldier's fountain at the Halifax Public GardensMorning is the best time to experience the serenity of the Gardens, though you’ll have to fight your way off the ship and hot-foot it to the Gardens before the tour buses arrive.

Outdoor patio of the Uncommon Grounds cafe at the Halifax Public GardensIf you missed breakfast on the ship in your haste to beat the crowds, you are in for an extra treat…you can sit at the best outdoor patio in Halifax and enjoy your coffee surrounded by a stunning and colourful floral display.

Uncommon Grounds cafe at the Halifax Public GardensI advise you not to feed the cute little birds that chirp away at you or you’ll find you have company when you go into to the cafe for a little retail therapy after your breakfast.

Lighthouse and the Titanic on Griffin's pond at the Halifax Public GardensYou can kill two birds with one stone (this is a figure of speech, I am NOT advising you to kill the birds) by making your way to the pond were you can see a lighthouse AND the Titanic in one spot.

Fisherman on Griffin's pond at the Halifax Public GardensYou can’t however follow this fellow’s example… fishing is not allowed (there’s not much to catch anyway). He’s an actor filming a commercial. Who else would be foolish enough to don that outfit to catch goldfish.

Dahlia bed at the Halifax Public GardensOur Dahlia beds are to die for, and include some 70 different varieties. Head for the bed beside the cafe. It may be smaller but you won’t have to patiently wait for people to get out of the way so you can take your photo.

Perennial bed at the Halifax Public GardensOur perennial beds are also very lovely and like a chameleon, they are constantly changing their colours throughout the season.

Echinacea at the Halifax Public GardensGo in for a close up…

Cynara cardunculus (Globe Artichoke) at the Halifax Public Gardens …but not too close. You might irritate the dinners who may in turn upset you.

Ornamental Vegetable bed at the Halifax Public GardensSpeaking of dinning we have an ornamental vegetable  bed where urban folk can see what their food looks like before it’s encased in plastic. Victorian gardens were after all, an opportunity to educate.

Colocasia (Elephant Ears) at the Halifax Public GardensWe  have a wonderful collection of exotic plants. Some are surprisingly hardy to our climate while others must be overwintered in the greenhouses or stored and coaxed to life next spring.

Agave at the Halifax Public GardensSome of our exotics are weeds in other parts of the world, much to the bewilderment of some visitors.

Flora and Diana at the Halifax Public GardensWe ask you not to feed Flora and Diana either… though they will beg you to. They can put a Labrador retriever to shame.

Benches by the bandstand at the Halifax Public GardensUnfortunately you have missed the Summer Concert Series which takes place every Sunday of the summer. It’s free…. really… no there is no ‘catch’. Free entry, free music. Yes, it is a nice city.

Sorbus aucuparia (Mountain Ash tree) at the Halifax Public GardensYes it is cool in the mornings but this actually helps make the fall displays even more beautiful and you’re in luck… they’re just beginning their transformation.

Roses at the Halifax Public GardensThis is a place of beauty and reflection.
When you’re walking through our beautiful Gardens take a moment to appreciate the people and things that matter in your life.
You’ll find that you leave here with a feeling of well being. Now go out and  spread a little of that sunshine around.

And yes. It is definitely worth the visit!

Though the lazy, hazy days of summer are passed, the season at the Gardens isn’t over yet.
Our Wednesday tours continue until October 15. You can meet Karen at 10AM by the fountain between the washrooms.
On Saturday, October 18 you can experience the magic of Nocturne, Art at Night, at the Public Gardens. You can get further details here.
As I mentioned in my last post, I will be away until mid November so this is my last post from the Gardens.
Happy fall and don’t miss out on the beautiful fall colours. There is still lots of life left at the Public Gardens. Hasta pronto!

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