Welcome to the Friends of the Public Gardens weekly photo tour!

Posted on September 26, 2011 by Serena Graham-Dwyer

The Ginkgo biloba is know as a living fossil (it was thought to be extinct for 1000 years) and is used as a health supplement for better memory retention. It will be the symbol of my blog so that we may remember that the Gardens have been resurected many times during it's 175 year history.

A little late in the season to start a weekly photo tour, but better late than never!

My name is Serena and I’m a new member to the board of the Friends of the Public Gardens. In fact I’m a new member to any board. As I arrived at  my first board meeting ever, I vowed to sit quietly and listen and learn.

Unfortunately I’m not known for being the quiet type and before the 90 minute meeting was over I had committed to posting a weekly photo tour of the gardens. As I’m  already at the Gardens every Wednesday conducting  free tours , I figured ” How onerous can this be?” Famous last words…

Once a week while the gardens are still open I will post a few photos of what’s blooming or what might be of interest in the gardens, so that people who can’t get out to see it for themselves can enjoy the gardens. It will also be a garden log of sorts so that we may compare bloom times from one year to the next.

I hope you enjoy the photos and comments and I’ll try to keep them brief.