Shinning a light.

From hot and steamy to clear and crispish. 
The classic beautiful early fall days are upon us. There’s a light that’s crystal clear and low, casting lovely shadows everywhere.
Like us plants also perceive light but do so at a much more elemental level.
The changing light  signals plants to go through certain processes. To begin to store sugars,start producing seed or to senesce. All plant processes are governed by light quality, day length and temperatures.
Soon we will start to see the glorious display resulting from plants shedding or protecting their canopies. Tall about going out with a bang!
Scroll beds at the Halifax Public Gardens
For the time being however you’d be forgiven for thinking it the end of August rather then the end of September. Not much fall on display at the Gardens these days.

In the morning light at the Halifax Public Gardens

There is no better time to experience the tranquillity of the Gardens than when it opens in the morning. Magical!

Blue Heron at the Halifax Public GardensShe sleeps far from the all but telephoto prying eyes in the middle of the pond.

Ulmus glabra var. lutescens (Golden Elm) at the Halifax Public Gardens

The Golden elm (Ulmus glabra var. lutescens )by the fountain of Egrigia glows in the morning light.
Amy receiving first prize in the Dahlia waterlily category, (clockwise) specimens for the show, Amy with Roland Verone, setting up for the show. Photos by Amy Soosaar-Joseph.And speaking of shinning lights…
Amy our Dahlia curator and recipient of the Suellen Murray Bursary set off for the American Dahlia Society Centennial Show in Long Island. She was attending lectures and sharing information with Dahlia experts from all over the map, but she also wanted to enter some blooms in the show to see what it was like.
Those specimens  endured a trip to New York in a truck in 30C weather. Conditions Amy had to anticipate when picking her blooms for a show which would take place  3 days later.
She picked them at different stages of openness and hoped for the best.
And the best is what transpired!
Four first place ribbons for Amy's blooms.4 Golds, one silver and one bronze. Not bad for a newbie from Nova Scotia.

(Top Left) Hollyhill Blackwidow Dahlia, followed by gold winners (clockwise) Tiny Treasures, Cornel and Camano Puff DahliasMedal of Honour winner (top left) Hollyhill Blackwidow Dahlia, followed by gold winners (clockwise) Tiny Treasures, Cornel and Camano Puff Dahlias (not these particular blooms).
Way to make a first impression Amy!
One of Amy’s most exhilarating  experiences was meeting Roland Verrone the prolific Dahlia breeder. We have many of his Dahlia’s in the Gardens among them Veronne’s Taylor Swift and the burgundy leaved Obsidian.

From the perspective of The Halifax Trombone Summit playing at the Halifax Public GardensThe Concert Series came to an end on a day that threatened rain but fortunately didn’t deliver. I figured it was high time for me to make it to a concert. Sunday’s are generally my riding days so I’ve never made it in 😦
I loved it! The music was great, and there was a good turnout for a day with so much going on… Country Music festival, Switch…

Ted and Lana boogeing to the music as they often do at the Halifax Public GardensTed and Lana are regulars at the concerts and love to dance. I’ve seen photos of them and have met Ted, but it was a pleasure watching them.
The energy at the Gardens was great! Quite different from midweek when I’m usually there.

Re-blooming Rhododendron yakushimanum 'Maiden Mist' at the Halifax Public Gardens

I was surprised to see a large Rhododendron have a second bloom. This variety is known for it… but in the UK, not NS!

RIP Araucaria araucana (Monkey Puzzle Tree) at the Halifax Public GardensAlas Araucaria araucana (Monkey Puzzle tree) did not make it long in our climate. Valiant attempt but no dice.

Congratulations to Amy and thank you to the Suellen Murray Bursary and The Friends of the Public Gardens Jarvis Lecture for being part of this success story. We all win on this one!!!

The story books are put away at the Gardens as are the instruments. Alas it’s also time for me to end my guided tours. This Wednesday (Mother Nature willing) will be the last tour of the season. Thank you to everyone who came out to join me. I always enjoy the company.
I will continue the photo tours until the Gardens close for the season…
The way it looks now it may be awhile.

Hasta pronto¡

All copy and images copyright © Serena Graham-Dwyer, 2015 or Amy Soosaar-Joseph 2015. If you wish to use any part or whole of an image, in any manner, please contact us.


3 thoughts on “Shinning a light.

  1. Thanks for the posting Serena, and wonderful to hear of Amy’s success at the Dahlia Show. Congrats to her and the crew. It would be great to mark the winning entries in the Gardens 🙂

  2. Thank you for your tours of the Gardens. I live now in Quebec and miss being able to visit the Gardens often.

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