Remember those Wednesdays in March when you figured hell had frozen over and it would never stop?
Or those days in May when you wondered if spring would ever arrive?
Well that’s all in the past and summer decided to arrive, having the last laugh.
Hot, dry and humid.

The good news is… what rain there is, generally comes during the week clearing the way for everyone to enjoy the weekends outside. Hopefully at the Gardens.

Tattoo time outside the Halifax Public GardensIt’s that time of year… the gathering of the bands. The perennial Royal NS International Tattoo was on, which including some free concerts around the city.

Climbing Rose by the Power's Memorial Bird Bath at the Halifax Public GardensThe roses are in full throttle at the Gardens, though many were lost during this hard winter. The yellow ones opposite the Tropical display bed took a hit. A shame as they are so lovely and are my favourites. Fortunately, though not as plentiful, there are still a respectable number standing.

Succulent plant bed at the Halifax Public GardensThe fern bed along the Grande Alleé becomes a succulent bed.

Young Urns and Vases at the Halifax Public GardensThe new Young urns & vases are back, planted and looking lovely. They are exact replicas of the old ones. Latex moulds made from the old ones were used to pour the new ones. Hopefully they last as long as the originals which had a 10 year warranty and lasted over a century. Don’t we wish they built them like they used to.

Outdoor deck at the Uncommon Grounds Cafe at the Halifax Public GardensA well-kept secret.
Is there a lovelier place to sit for a coffee break? Not only are the offerings at the Uncommon Grounds cafe delicious, but the staff is very friendly.
I love their trivia tip cups. They come up with obscure and interesting facts and you get to test your knowledge by placing your tip into the answer you think is correct. I usually get it wrong 😦

Containers at the Halifax Public GardensThis year’s containers by the washrooms were created by Amy.  I love the combination of plants she put together.

Close up of one of the carpet beds at the Halifax Public GardensA close up of one of the carpet beds, celebrating Kings College. The other carpet bed commemorates Garden Clubs and was in the process of being completed as I went to press. They set up a camera which took photos every few minutes so that you can see the progression of how it’s done. Can’t wait to see the results.

Lantana standard at the Halifax Public GardensI love this bed with the Lantana standard in the centre surrounded by ornamental Chard. The colours were particularly vibrant on this rainy day.

Red Weigela at the Halifax Public GardensNicest men’s washroom I’ve ever seen… well the outside anyway, as I’ve never been inside a men’s washroom.

Crown of thorns (Euphorbia Milii) at the Halifax Public GardensA horticultural oxymoron… a combination of sun and drought loving plants, with a background of shade and moisture loving ones.

 Griffin's pond at the Halifax Public GardensThe annual and perennial beds aren’t the only things flourishing. So are the aquatic plants in Griffin’s pond.

Along with the warm weather comes a season of activities at the Public Gardens. There are concerts every Sunday as well as Horticultural and Historical tours on Wednesday at 10AM and Sunday at 6PM.
There are also special events planned for Natal Day (August 2) including a Yoga class at 9AM and The Mayor and Council Garden Party from 1-5PM.
All these activities are complimentary and open to all so come down and take advantage of everything this wonderful garden has to offer.

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All copy and images copyright © Serena Graham-Dwyer, 2014. If you wish to use any part or whole of an image, in any manner, please contact us.


2 thoughts on “Summertime…

  1. Is there a website or information site where we can get more information on Natal day activities in the gardens including the names of bands playing that day ?

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