Crisp and clear and packed with visitors. Must be September.

How does mother nature know that the kids are back to school, the cruise ships are arriving in droves and it’s time to flip the switch and from one day to the next. Suddenly the light has that crisp, clear quality to it and the leaves shimmer and shiver and whisper into our souls that it’s time to start gathering nuts and stop taking our good fortune for granted.

I love to bike outside the main gates of the Halifax Public GardensTwo cruise ships in and some of their passengers are working off their endless buffets in my favorite way.

Monarda at the Halifax Public GardensThis is not an enhanced photo, but an electric combination of colors. I love Monarda (Bee balm). Particularly the red ones.

Hot bed at the Halifax Public GardensTracy’s ‘hot bed’ (new this year) comes into its own. If you want to visit it, it’s located on the SE side of the Soldier’s fountain.

Gardeners perennial walk through at the Halifax Public GardensThe gardeners do their annual walk about. A time when they discuss what went right, what went wrong, and ideas on what to do next year.

Colocasia (Elephant Ears) at the Halifax Public GardensAnother great combination. Notice how the leaf form of all the plants mimic each other and the venation on the Colocasia (Elephant ears).

Roses at the Halifax Public GardensThey may not be the ‘Queen of the garden’, but these roses are looking quite fresh and lovely. Not a typical state of affairs at this time of year.

Tropical Display and Rose bed at the Halifax Public Gardens

A view that seldom fails to captivate me.

Dahlias at the Halifax Public GardensA trio of Queens.

Dahlias at the Halifax Public GardensPeony/Lotus Dahlia???

The lighthouse at the Halifax Public GardensRudbeckia and Hosta flowers. Not a combination you’d think would overlap. These are likely Hosta plantaginea which bloom in late summer.

Temporary fence at the Halifax Public GardensThe SW corner of the perimeter fence changes its look.
A sign of things to come!
A repair and fact-finding mission.

The Public Gardens season is hardly over.
The tours continue on Wednesdays at 10AM until October 2.
During the first week of October (3rd-6th) the Friends of the Common will be celebrating the 250th anniversary in and around the Common, and we’re part of it. For a line up of what’s on where, click here.

Look out for our much anticipated Halifax Public Gardens book (new edition). It is chock full of beautiful photos and very interesting reading regarding the Public Gardens and the era during the time of it’s evolution.
It’ll be available at the Gardens during the Common celebration.

From now until the closing of the Gardens I’ll be posting every second week.
A bientot!

All copy and images copyright © Serena Graham-Dwyer,  2013. If you wish to use any part or whole of an image, in any manner, please contact us.


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