Hot and steamy and sitting in the shade. Loving it!

It’s been stinking hot for 3 (or 4) days and I’m loving it! I sit in the shade and try to catch a breeze.
I relish most of all the evenings ,when it’s still warm enough to sit out in the same heat fighting clothes you had on all day. The scent of honeysuckle, peonies, and roses perfume the air, and the water is like mercury. Silver and oily.

I haven’t been to the Gardens since the heat broke so I’m not sure how it is fairing. When I was last there the day unexpectedly turns nice and warm and people come out in droves… eventually.

All for charityThese underwear clad men where showing their heat … but all for charity.
Bandstand and Cornus across Griffin's pond at the Halifax Public GardensThe day was still misty but there was the promise of sunshine to come.

Betula (Birch) and Hostas on Griffin's Pond at the Halifax Public GardensThere was no wind.

Flora in July at the Halifax Public GardensAnd few people.

Hosta at the Halifax Public Gardens

The wet weather was still dropping off the leaves. It had only been dry for half an hour.

Horticultural Hall Plaza at the Halifax Public GardensHorticultural Hall Plaza. Built post Juan thanks to the efforts of two Roberts, and a generous  public.

Uncommon Grounds Cafe at the Halifax Public GardensThis would be a lovely shady place to sit today and listen to the band. Ice cream close by… what’s not to love?

Bromeliad at the Halifax Public Gardens

Bromeliads around a beautiful, dead trunk which also has a vine growing up it.
Another cool spot for today. It’s quite shady with all the mature shade trees around. They were purpose-built.

Tropical bed at the Halifax Public Gardens

Just up the lawn is a tropical plant bed. It’s nicknamed the sexy bed.

I love to Bike at the Halifax Public Gardens

I love to bike too!!! There were cyclists all over the streets and this group, off the Queen Mary II, had the gates of the Gardens on the itinerary.
What a great way to get to know a city! Upclose and personal.
Keep them and yourselves safe ! Look to incoming traffic (of any kind) before stepping into a path or road.

Stay cool, I’m off to find a breeze and a shady spot.

All copy and images copyright © Serena Graham-Dwyer, 2013. If you wish to use any part or whole of an image, in any manner, please contact us.


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