Getting into the swing of things!

Oh Happy Day! Make that weekend… three-day weekend!
I’m sure some of you wouldn’t agree, but I’m thrilled with the weather for the last 3 days. Sunny and warm with a lovely sea breeze (at least where I live). Thanks for listening rain…

The gardeners have begun “bedding out” (a Victorian innovation).
When I was at the Gardens on Wednesday the scroll beds had been planted, the Tropical display bed was showing signs that the Agaves would soon arrive, and the geometric beds around the bandstand had an army of gardeners prepping them.
The trees and shrubs were also doing their magic and I imagine with all the sun and warm weather we’ve had for the last three days (following rain for too many days to count ) the  remaining leaves have ‘popped’. I reckon this week the Gardens will beginning its spring ‘peak’
Perfect timing for my first tour of the season.

Pyrus (Ornamental pear tree) outside the Halifax Public GardensThe show isn’t reserved for inside the Gardens. These Pyrus (Ornamental pear) trees in the perimeter of the Gardens are in full glorious bloom.

Acer platenoides 'Crimson King' (Crimson King Maple) by Griffins pond at the Halifax Public GardensBeautiful foliage color isn’t only reserved for fall.

Ulmus americana (American elm tree) at the Halifax Public GardensThe tree that burnt two years on. You can see callus tissue, which forms a protective barrier separating the injured tissue from the healthy,at the edge of the wound. Eventually it will seal the wound but it still has got a long way to go.

Magnolia denudata 'Elizabeth' (Yulan magnolia) at the Halifax Public Gardens.The last of the beautiful Magnolias. The ‘Elizabeth’ Magnolia is the last of the lovely waxy flowers to put on a display. There is still one more to go, the Magnolia acuminata (Cucumber magnolia) , though it is one of the largest Magnolia’s, the flowers aren’t very showy.

Ulmus glabra var. lutescens ( Golden Elm) by the Jubilee Fountain at the Halifax Public GardensOne of the highlights of the  Public Gardens is the ability to stand back and be able to admire trees at their mature size. This was a ‘Gardenesque’ style of gardening concept. Trees were planted far enough away from each other so that they could achieve their full potential.

Emerging leaf at the Halifax Public GardensMother nature the architect. Reminds me of a fan or a bird. Early chinese fans were made of feathers so this covers all bases.

Horticultural Hall and the Uncommon Grounds Cafe at the Halifax Public GardensThe garden shed and meeting room for the Nova Scotia Horticultural Society garden, the oldest of the two gardens amalgamated to form the Halifax Public Gardens. Today Horticultural Hall houses the beautiful Uncommon Grounds cafe which now has a new range of Gardens inspired souvenirs  for sale… post cards, mugs, tote bags…

Flora has a captivated audience at the Halifax Public GardensFlora drawing attention to herself.

Perennial bed at the Halifax Public GardensThe perennial beds begin their ever-changing display. They will flower continually from now until the end of fall.

Cherry trees, magnolias, viburnums, rhododendrons, crabapples, ornamental pear trees etc, etc. Spring is the most floriferous season of all and the Gardens are no exception.
The season is getting underway. My free tours begin this Wednesday at 10am, story time continues on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the Concert series at the bandstand begin next week. Also next week The Friends of the Public Gardens will hold their AGM with guest speaker Bev MacPhail, Chief Horticulturist of the Gardens. For more information on all events click here.

All copy and images copyright © Serena Graham-Dwyer,  2013. If you wish to use any part or whole of an image, in any manner, please contact us.


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