Winding down…

The excitement of the unveiling of the restored Victoria Jubilee Fountain, Nocturne and Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee is behind us and the Gardens prepare to go dormant.
Some of the annual beds and the serpentine beds have already been cleaned up and the gardeners have had their annual walkabout to discuss what worked, what didn’t and to suggest ideas for next year.

Though fall is traditionally a precursor to the dormant season, it also holds a promise for the future.
Trees and shrubs are shedding their leaves, but they are also busy setting leaf and flower buds which will patiently await the longer days and warmer temperatures of spring to expand.

Fall by the Victoria Jubilee Fountain at the Halifax Public GardensThe Cercidiphyllum japonicum (Katsura trees) by the Victoria Jubilee Fountain create a beautiful and scented backdrop to the newly restored Egeria.

The stream at the Halifax Public GardensThe afternoon sun creates dramatic highlights and shadows on the streamed between the two bridges.

Dahlia bed in late October at the Halifax Public GardensAgainst the odds, the Dahlia beds are still stunning. In fact maybe more stunning than ever…

Seating by the bandstand at the Halifax Public GardensLooking at this photo one can almost believe that it was taken in spring.

Lower bridge in the late afternoon at the Halifax Public GardensLight play on the lower bridge.

Ceres at the Halifax Public GardensCeres, Goddess of grain (cereal anyone?) protected from afar by a man bearing a gun.

Fall berries at the Halifax Public GardensIn the eye of the beholder. To me it’s esthetic, to migrating birds it’s sustenance.Petit Allee at the Halifax Public Gardens

The Petit Allée looking lovely but much quieter than it has been all summer.

Rhododendron buds at the Halifax Public GardensPromise of things to come. The flower buds have already been set on this Rhododendron which will be protected by scales (tight, protective outer leaves) and a gummy outer coating, until spring. Not all plants produce resting buds.Some set their flower buds the same year they bloom.

Afternoon sun at the Halifax Public GardensThis week promises to be sunny and in the low teens. Take advantage while you can, the season is drawing to a close.


2 thoughts on “Winding down…

  1. A note to thank you so much for this blog, and to let you know how very much I enjoy it! I love to see how the Gardens are changing with the seasons. Whenever I feel homesick, it is a wonderful pick-me-up to read your blog entries. 🙂

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