Giving Thanks!

We have a tradition in my nuclear family. Every Thanksgiving we gather all the orphans in the neighborhood (those without extended families) and we share a pot luck dinner. We go around the table and each person tells what they are most grateful for. When times are tough, it forces us to find our silver lining.

There is no need to look for the silver lining when it comes to the Halifax Public Gardens (at least not for me). It was a spectacular long summer and it feels like it will go on forever.

Main Gates of the Halifax Public Gardens in the fall

I’m thankful for having the Public Gardens in my city and in my life. It brings me peace, purpose and is a feast for my eyes.
I’m thankful for the Chief Horticulturist of the Public Gardens… an amazing woman, who has brought new energy into the Gardens.
She facilitates the task for everyone who shares  her devotion to maintaining and supporting this wonderful treasure in our city. Thank you Bev, for being a pragmatic, inclusive custodian.

Gardeners planting the floating geometric beds at the Halifax Public GardensI’m grateful to the gardeners for nurturing this wonderful place (a back breaking job), and for the hundreds of times they patiently pause in their work to answer our (sometimes comical) questions. Who better to ask? Thank you all for making me feel a part of you- something I’m very proud of.

TFPG board members at the Open House at the Halifax Public Gardens

Thank you to my fellow board members of The Friends of the Public Gardens, an eclectic and interesting bunch of people who have  worked for years (decades even) to ensure that the Gardens get the attention and support it deserves.

TFPG volunteers at the Halifax Public GardensThank you to the volunteers who love the Gardens as much as the rest of us, but who give up their spare time to enhance the experience for all of us.

Titanic model at the Halifax Public GardensThank you to  Clary Peters, a member of the Maritime Ship Modelers’ Guild, who is the keeper of the Titanic model moored on Griffin’s pond.
Clary manhandles a return trip of this 200 lb. model, from the pond to his workshop where he tries to repair the damage done by roosting waterfowl on a yearly basis . He’s in competition for the back breaking award of the year.

Uncommon Grounds at Horticultural HallThanks to the lovely Uncommon Grounds Cafe for you sustenance, your story time, and for supporting The Friends of the Public Gardens.

Twins watching Flora and Diana at the Halifax Public GardensThanks to the kids who always bring a smile to my face. I’d say I’m ready for grandchildren but I hope my  22 year old daughter doesn’t grant me my wish! It’s nice to see a new generation getting hooked on the Gardens.

Moth at the Halifax Public GardensThank you all who dropped me a line or sent me beautiful  photos. I really enjoy the interaction. Thanks for letting me know that someone out there was reading my blog.

Tours at the Halifax Public GardensThanks to all of you who joined me for our weekly walks through the Gardens. I have loved meeting you all and hope the hour passed quickly.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I hope you read this and know that someone thinks you’re great!

Next Saturday we will be tearing down the scaffolding and uncovering the newly restored Victoria Jubilee Fountain. As an added bonus, we will be able to wonder through parts of the Garden from 7PM to midnight, without having to scale the fence.
Join us for a magical evening!


7 thoughts on “Giving Thanks!

  1. Thank you for the work you do in bringing the gardens to all who are not fortunate enough to get there in person ….thank you for the profile shot of my large honker .i try to avoid glancing in the mirror but i see it has not shrunk over the years since i last looked ..happy thanksgiving …

    • Happy Thanksgiving to you too Jim. I didn’t notice your large honker, just your engaging personality and the fact that you’re king of the roost at 5770. See you next weekend at the unveiling.

  2. Thanks, Serena, for keeping many informed of what is happening throughout the seasons in The Gardens. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  3. Really enjoy reading your weekly postings. And of course the photos often give us a new look at the Public Gardens – our Halifax treasure! Thanks for your efforts! Keep up the good work!!!

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