Bearing fruit…

To most of us, fruit is one of the food groups we are meant to eat 7-10 servings of in order to stay healthy.
Botanically it’s a means of seed dispersal, a plants way of reproducing itself.
Fruit is the mature state of flowers and not only ensures its own survival but also contributes to ours.

Hibiscus fruit and flower at the Halifax Public GardensThe many stages of maturation from flower to fruit.

Cornus kousa at the Halifax Public GardensThe green ‘eyes’ of the showy white flowers of the Cornus kousa (Flowering dogwood) mature into beautiful raspberry-like fruit. They are edible but a bit bitter for my taste (I just tried one for research purposes).

Magnolia at the Halifax Public GardensFrom afar, this Magnolia looks like it’s decorated for Christmas , with hanging pinkish/red fruit scattered throughout the tree.

Corn at the Halifax Public GardensFruit sustains us…

Coffee beans at the Halifax Public Gardensand give us a buzz…

Acorn on the Quercus at the Halifax Public Gardensand feeds the fauna.

Canna leaves and seeds at the Halifax Public Gardens

The seeds inside the fruit of the Canna are incredibly versatile. The are used nutritionally as an addition to tortillas, as a dye, in jewelry and in musical instruments. The rest of the plant is just as versatile but that is another story.

Aralia elata (Devil's walking stick) at the Halifax Public Gardens

Aralia elata’s (Japanese Angelica tree’s ) large showy flower panicles, become large showy fruit.

Seed heads at the Halifax Public Gardens

Ready to disperse a little insurance for the future even though perennials reproduce themselves from their root-stock.

To bear fruit, is to achieve a successful result from some task.
Judging by the abundance of fruit at the Gardens this year, the efforts of both the gardeners and mother nature have borne fruit, figuratively and literally.


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