Let there be light….

I am very sensitive to the change in light. Like plants I go into a kind of dormant stage when the days become shorter. Humans must experience photoperiodism (a plants response to the length of the days and nights) as well.

Once the nights are longer and the days shorter and the temperature drops, I (like plants) sleep early and awake late. Plants go dormant  and cease almost all activity during the short, cold days of winter and only awaken when the light is strong enough and the temperatures warm enough.

You can begin to see the pre dormancy process in the Gardens. Flowers are being replaced with fruit and seeds and the green of the leaves are weakening allowing other pigments to become visible. It is a beautiful process (though a melancholy one… at least for me). The slanting sun produces beautiful light which highlights the fall colors.

Ligularia on Griffin's PondMorning is breaking on these Ligularia by Griffins pond.

Morning light through the grasses at the Halifax Public GardensMiscanthus (Maiden grass) and Pennisetum Rubrum (Fountain grass) backlit by the morning sun.

Hydrangea at the Halifax Public GardensThe chameleon colors of fall.

Petit Aleé at the Halifax Public GardensNo sign of fall here. Just a profusion of blossoms and colored foliage..

Hibiscus at the Halifax Public GardensA short day plant (meaning it flowers when the days are shorter) these gorgeous Hardy Hibiscus are as large as your head.

Flora gets up close at the Halifax Public GardensFlora hadn’t quite made it up for the day.

Dahlia bed at the Halifax Public GardensIt’s Dahlia Festival time!! The Dahlia beds were beautiful and the gardeners were preparing the setting for Neville’s floral arrangement ‘show’. And undoubtedly it was a show. He’s marvelous.

Uncommon Grounds during the Dahlia FestivalThe Uncommon Grounds cafe displayed beautiful vases of Dahlia’s scattered around tables.

Neville, Amy and Tim get ready for the Dahlia FestivalI ran around looking for Amy (one of the organizers of the Dahlia festival and a gardener at the Gardens) and Neville, who were walking around looking for plant material to use in the floral arrangements. Imagine being able to pick anything you wanted in the Gardens!!!
Fortunately I was able to say hello and thank them all (Tim is overseeing the staging area) for putting on such a great event.
I was dying to see the show again, but alas I was wisked off to a birthday ‘experience’ and missed it.

Napping on the Titanic at the Halifax Public GardensI guess I’m not the only one effected by the shorter days.
Tight quarters!


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