Signs, signs… everywhere signs.

The Gardens continue to take your breath away with their beauty. It’s been a spectacular summer after a very mild winter so things are thriving (this includes the insects). The character of the Gardens is changing however. Though it continues to be warm, fall is rearing its head. Carpe diem.

Miniature lighthouse at the Halifax Public GardensThe serpentine beds in the distance complement the lighthouse on the island on Griffin’s pond.

The bog at the Halifax Public GardensThe bog on the southwest side of the Gardens is a cool and tranquil haven on these hot days.

Ligularia at the Halifax Public GardensThe colors of fall. Sigh!!!

Berries on the Viburnum at the Halifax Public GardensThe migrating birds will soon (well not too soon) be making a pit stop at the Gardens. There’s plenty of food on hand. The birds love the berries on Viburnums.

Keeping my eye on you...Let sleeping ducks lie. This fella was keeping a close eye on me in case I came too close.

Butterfly at the Halifax Public GardensNo doubt, so was this fella. Thank you Betsy for sending in this (along with other) lovely photo of a butterfly feasting on the flowers at the Gardens.

Bird bath at the Halifax Public GardensWhoever invented the bird bath knew what they were doing… the birds actually love them and use them often.

Bird's of Paradise at the Halifax Public GardensThis annual bed gets more interesting every time I see it. The Lantana standard has always caught people’s attention. Then the bright stalks of the swiss chard on the perimeter gave rise to admiration. Now the bird’s of paradise are blooming.

Citrus Tree at the Halifax Public GardensSpeaking of exotic, the citrus tree has fruit on it. So do the lime trees, but no sign of fruit on the coffee, papaya or pomegranate plants.

A penny for your thoughts.Making wishes come true. The fountain at Horticultural Hall plaza is up and running and observing this time-honored tradition.

Weston Spanish Dancer Dahlia at the Halifax Public GardensThe Dahlia Festival begins on Tuesday and runs until Thursday. There are loads of Dahlia related events from growing tips to floral arrangement displays. If you can only make it one day, do it on Wednesday when Neville of My Mother’s Bloomers will be sharing his talents and making you laugh as he puts together spectacular Dahlia bouquets. For further information click here.


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