Yours to discover.

Though it feels like the dog days of summer (the leaves are looking a little dusty and dry) the best of the floral season is ahead of us.
Every week that I stroll through the Gardens presents me with a different palette, especially in the perennial borders. The annuals are just hitting their stride and will be putting on a show for months to come.
The flora aren’t the only ones putting on a show. There are band concerts, tours, and story times. August will feature a Dahlia festival with three days of talks, demonstrations and beautiful displays. In the fall the restored Victoria Jubilee fountain will be unveiled in a ceremony befitting the celebration of a  Monarch’s 60 year reign.
The dogs must be wagging their tails.

Horticultural Hall at the Halifax Public Gardens

Built in 1847, Horticultural Hall got a new lease on life after Hurricane Juan. It was beautifully renovated into a white washed, light filled space with soaring ceilings. The Ulmus (Elm trees) on the corners have survived diseases and hurricanes through their 165 years.

Kids corner at the Uncommon Grounds Cafe

That white washed, light filled space with soaring ceilings can offer you a restoring cup of something, while the kids color, read a book or test their knowledge of Public Gardens trivia. The Uncommon Grounds Cafe also hosts ‘story time’ twice a week for a captivated young audience.

Containers at the Halifax Public Gardens

Welcoming you to Horticultural Hall and the Uncommon Grounds Cafe.

Hemerocalis and Hydrangea at the Halifax Public Gardens

This winning combination blooms on the left side of the stairs leading to Horticultural Hall.

Crocosmia by the bandstand at the Halifax Public Gardens

Crocosmia put on a show in the perennial border by the petit aleé.The grotto at the Halifax Public Gardens

Though it’s been referred to as an old fireplace ,the grotto in the distance behind the bog once offered up water on the SW corner of the Gardens.

Canna at the Halifax Public Gardens

Canna leaves put on a luminescent display  to the right of the bandstand benches.

Tidying up the living urn at the Halifax Public Gardens

Glen tidies up the living urn, clipping the Alternanthera’s leaves to encourage fuller growth and keep the lines sharp. This vertical carpet bed is as labour intensive as the horizontal variety but kinder to the back.

Squirrel at the Halifax Public Gardens

I passed a young photographer who thanked his subject when he had taken his photo. This drew my interest and I too was able to photograph this inhabitant of the Gardens. It was quite a home he had… a large hollow tree. Alas he fled before I could thank him. But
thank you to the camera buff who drew me here.

Serpentine Bed at the Halifax Public GardensThe Serpentine bed is coming into its own and will only keep getting better.

Serpentine Bed close up at the Halifax Public Gardens

Zoom button.

Pride of Place dahlia at the Halifax Public Gardens

The Dahlia’s are beginning to bloom though the plants will get much bigger. By the Dahlia festival on August 28-30, they should be spectacular.

It’s yours to discover.


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