Lest we forget.

A memorial to soldiers who faced hardship and danger away from home, sits within a ring of weeping trees at the Gardens. The fountain itself weeps into an oval of water with the branches of a centenarian weeping beech, brushing the surface.

Beside it sits a bench. A true place of reflection.

The Boer War Memorial is  one of innumerable memorials scattered around the world, which attests to the many who have sacrificed.

I am grateful to share a moment of reflection, surrounded by my community.

One of many commemorative statues around the world where we gather to reflect upon the men,women, veterans and their families, who put their lives on the line in our name.

Surrrounded by weeping trees, the Soldiers Memorial has stood in the image of a 16 year old Haligonian since 1903.

The young women are gone and so is the water but the interior of the Fagus sylvatica 'Pendula' ( Weeping European beech) remains magical..

Don't let its beauty fool you. The Delphinium species can be toxic so admire from afar... which is the best way to admire them, in clumps and from afar.

There's a kind of hush...

They've been keeping each other company for over 125 years. They've got all the bases covered.

Frances this is for you!

Uncommon grounds indeed! There is nothing common about the Sciadopitys verticillata (Japanese umbrella pine) in the mid-ground.

I've got to sneak in my leaf picture. No wonder they inspire so many artists!

Even without the annuals, the serpentine beds are interesting. Their purpose is to display their shape and they succeed admirably.

A nearly full moon rising from the East. I was standing on the other side of the Gardens on a rise, and with the leaves gone, you could see clearly across the Gardens.

Reminds me of a Japanese Garden I went to in Vancouver, though the Acer (Maple) in the background is of the larger variety.

I was informed twice that the gardens where closing but I couldn't resist another shot at the sky.

PS: Did you know that if you hover your cursor over the picture you can get       a description of what you’re looking at.


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