Fall! What a misnomer. The sun is shining (again) and though it’s a little cooler the gardens are ablaze in color. After all the glorious weather we’ve been having the floral displays are at their peak. The best before date is just around the corner so don’t put off your visit.

The annual planters by the washrooms are guaranteed to make you pause and investigate.

Foliage just beginning to turn. The best is yet to come!

There are many places in the garden where you can find solitude.

An annual bed comprised solely by foliage plants makes a bold, colourful floating bed in the shade.

The envy of Cirque du Soleil contortionists these two do amazing gyrations with their necks.

The Dahlia beds are spectacular and well represented. There are dozens of different varieties now in their glory… be quick, once the frost hits it’s over!

Does this look like Fall to you!?

A pleasant stopover on the way south. The waterfowl population has exploded with visitors.

The ornamental vegetable garden is putting on a display of its own! There are also gorgeous burgundy stemmed and veined leaves amongst the many other beautiful vegetables.

Layers of plants separate the Upper Bridge from the Bandstand.

The Lower Bridge taken from below.

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